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Daniel's Story has been featured on the NBC Today Show, BBC , RTL (Germany), Austrian tv, ORF, Pro 7 Germany, BBC East Midlands today, Radio Nottingham, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, The Mirror as well as numerous web sites around the world.

Please visit my Blog written daily, whilst in Graz for four weeks in 2011, it is an honest, moving and funny account of a month unlike any other we will ever spend again in this lifetime, a visit which ended with Daniel no longer addicted to his feeding tube. Please take time to read all the links at the top of this page.

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Daniel did not eat or drink anything. He suffered from acid reflux as a child and for this reason he refused all fluid and food, we couldn’t even brush Daniel's teeth. He was fed via a Mic-Key button, which was inserted in his stomach. As well as the acid reflux Daniel also has an Autistic Spectrum disorder, of which there is no cure. Daniel also has non IGE mediated food allergy level 4, basically the doctors missed that Daniel has an intolerance of Dairy products and possibly wheat also, so he has even more problems to deal with going forward.

Daniel was under the care of the feeding disorder team at the world famous Great Ormond Street Children's hospital in London, but sadly they were not even able to cure Daniel.

Daniel's big hope was a trip to the University Hospital in Graz, Austria. They carry out pioneering work on children that are tube fed, their success rate is over 90%, in many cases the child leaves the clinic with the feeding tube removed. Children from the USA, Europe and Africa visit the hospital weekly.

Graz have told me that they have only seen 12 children with Daniel's condition in 20 years, but they have cured them all. 

They removed Daniel off his feeding tube also.

I now want to help all tube fed children lose their tube and by reading this site, maybe avoid the pitfalls Daniel fell into.

My wonderful Son, Daniel is 6 years old and is Autistic, of which there is no cure. As well as this he has one of the rarest conditions in the world, he used to not eat and drink anything. Due to the wonderful support of people worldwide we managed to get him treatment at the world famous No Tube clinic in Austria.

He now is progressing slowly, eats pureed food and drinks special formula milk, he will not eat lumps and still cannot chew, progress will take years.

The story has again received worldwide publicity and I hope you can follow my son’s journey towards complete food intake and no more reliance on special formula milk.


The Interview that helped to change Daniel’s life, the day America’s Today show visited us in Nottingham, England. After this the story was everywhere